[Solved]iPod Touch Stuck in Recovery Mode

For iPod touch users, sometimes you may meet the problem of iPod touch stuck in Recover Mode. As we know, after you reset, jailbreak or restore your device, your iPod will always stuck on Apple logo.  Don't worry about it. iOS Data Recovery for iPod will help you solve your problem, which is easy for you to get your iPod touch out of recovery mode in one click.

With the help of iOS Data Recovery (Mac) or iOS Data Recovery (Windows), you can finish this work, which is suitable for iPod touch 6/5/4. iOS Data Recovery can help you solve all this kind of issues and recover your deleted files from your iPod touch.

Why Need An Professional iOS Data Recovery Software

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Part 1: Normal Way to Exit iPod touch Recovery Mode

When your iPod touch stuck in recovery mode but you have no idea to solve this problem, now you can follow the below steps to exit the recovery mode under normal circumstances.

1. Hold down and press the home and power button for about 15 seconds, this will shut off the iPod touch.
2. Press the power button to boot the iPod touch.

This should get your iPod touch out of the recovery mode.

Part 2: Solve iPod touch Stuck in Recovery Mode without Data Loss

To get start, you need to download the right version and install it on your computer. Both of the programs help you get you iPod touch out of recovery mode with one click, and they won't cause any data loss.

Now, let’s follow the detailed steps to get iPod Touch out of Recovery Mode.

1. Run the iOS Data Recovery program and connect your iPod touch 6/5/4 with the computer.

2. After the program detected your iPod touch, iPod Touch Recovery software will show you the steps of fixing your problem. And then you get a new interface below, clicking "Restart" button to restart your iPod touch to the normal condition.

Done! One click to get your iPod touch out of recovery mode without restoring. If this solution can't help you to solve the issue, you can switch to "Fix iOS to Normal" mode, it can fix the iOS system and get iPod touch out of recovery mode.

After click the start button, you will see a new windows, you need to select your device type, device model, iOS version and click Download button to download the firmware package for your iPod touch.

After download the firmware sucessfully, the software will start fix iOS system, you just need to wait for a few minutes, waiting for the software to automatically repair.

When you finish all the steps above, you have already solved the program of your iPod. And you will get more details in part 2 to recover data of your iPod touch in steps.

Part 3: How to Get iPod touch Out of Recovery Mode Via iTunes

Using iTunes to solve iPod touch stuck in recovery mode issue, it will restore iPod touch to factory settings, you had better create a backup of your iPod touch before you fix this problem. The data on your iPod touch will be deleted when you restore iPod touch.

Step 1. Connect iPhone and run iTunes

Connect your iPod touch to computer via USB cable and run iTunes.

Step 2. Restore iPod touch

a. After iTunes deleted your iPod touch, a messages will told you that your iPod touch is stuck in recovery mode. Then you should restore it, and just tap to restore it.

b. If you could't see the interface after connecting iTunes, you should power off your iPod touch. If you cannot power off it in normal, you should hold the Power button the screen become dark. Then turn on your iPod touch again, and try to keep press the Home button until iTunes pops up the message.

get ipod touch out of recovery mode via itunes

Part 4: How to Recover Deleted Data from iPod touch 6/5/4 In Recovery Mode

Step 1. Select the suitable device mode for your iPod touch

Now, we take windows sa an esample. As a windows user, you can also recover your data with the similar steps. When you connect your iPod touch to computer, you'll get the interface below. At this time, you can choose "Recover from iOS Device" modes to get back your lost data from your device.

Step 2. Enter your iPod touch's scanning mode to scan it

As an iPod touch 6/5 user, a following interface will be shown. To scan your iPod touch 6/5, you need to click the "Start Scan" button.

As an iPod touch 4 user, you will get another window. Let’s follow the guide below to scan your iPod touch 4.

Step 3. Preview and recover lost data

When the scan is over, all the data are displayed and listed in categories. You can select what you want and click "Recover" button to save them on your computer.

recover ipod touch data

Note: If you are iPod touch 4 user, you can restore contacts, messages, camera roll, photo library, photo stream, notes, call log, reminders, calendars, voice memos and Safari bookmarks.

For iPod touch 6/5 user, iPod touch Data Recovery program can help you restore your lost contacts, messages, reminders, calendars, notes, call log,and Safari bookmarks.

Now, download this program to have a try!

Download Mac Version Download Win Version

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