How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

As we know, it’s very common for iPhone users to delete videos unexpectedly. However, what can you do to restore them? Technically speaking, when you use iTunes to sync your iPhone, a file would be appeared. sqlitedb automatically generated by iTunes on your computer. If you have a smart iPhone video recovery tool, your videos can be taken out of the .sqlitedb backup file. In addition, if you've taken the recovery soon, you can restore the deleted videos on iPhone before they are overwritten directly.

Here are two solutions for you to restore deleted videos form iPhone. You can follow the tutorial to have a try. First of all, please download the iPhone video recovery submission: iPhone Data Recovery (Mac) or iPhone Data Recovery (Windows).

Win Version Download Mac Version

This iPhone Data Recovery program can help you to recover the deleted videos on iTunes backup, as well as previous text messages, photos, calendar, call history and notes. The guide below is based in iPhone Data Recovery (Windows). For Mac users, please download the Mac version, and do the work similar as follows.

Note: When you find that your video is lost, do not sync your iPhone with iTunes anymore. Otherwise, the bad new is that your backup file will be updated and then you can't get back the lost video. And let your iPhone rest for a while, if you want to directly scan and recover videos on your iPhone.

Part 1: How to Restore iPhone Videos from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Choose your iTunes backup and extract it

When launching the program on your computer, click "Recover from iTunes Backup File" on the top, and all your iTunes backup files will be found and displayed. Choose the one for your iPhone and click "Start Scan" to extract it.

Note: The number of backup files you get here depends on how many Apple devices you've synced with iTunes before.

Step 2. Preview and restore lost iPhone video from iTunes

After the scanning, all of the backup content are extracted and also displayed. You can find your videos in your Camera Roll. Mark those data you wanted and click "Recover" button at the bottom to save them all on your computer with one click. In order to avoid losing your iPhone video, it is of great important and useful to do immediate backup. Each time when you shoot videos with your iPhone, don’t forget to backup them on your computer first.

recover photos from iPhone

Win Version Download Mac Version

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone 4/3GS Directly.

Step 1. Launch the program and connect your iPhone to the computer

Download, install and run the iPhone Data Recovery on your computer, and use with a digital cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. A window as follows will appear when your iPhone is detected. you can choose "Advanced Mode" at the corner of the window, and then keep moving.

Step 2. Start scanning your iPhone

Before scanning your iPhone, you need to enter the scanning mode by following the guide below:
  • 1. Click the "Start" button on the program's window and hold on the iPhone in your hand.
  • 2. When you clicked the "Start" button, press "Power" and "Home" buttons on your phone simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • 3. When 10 seconds have passed, release the "Power" button right away, but keep holding the "Home" button for another 15 seconds. After that, the program will automatically scan your iPhone for lost video and other data.

Step 3. Recover deleted iPhone videos

When the scan is over, the whole backup content are extracted and displayed. Check the video and click "Recover" on the top menu to store it on your computer. Sign those you want and click the "Recover" button at the bottom to save them all on your computer with one click.

recover iPhone photos

Note: Apart from recovering deleted data from your iPhone, iPhone Data Recovery can also export the data still on your iPhone. If you only want back your deleted ones, you can refine the scan result by using the button on the middle-top of the window to only display deleted items.

Now, download this powerful program to have a try!

Win Version Download Mac Version

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